Sunday, August 5, 2007

What a week it was.......

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. Again, I thought I would come home Thursday and have loads of time to sit and catch up on emails and do my blog but I was wrong. Seems time is moving at warp speed around here. Hold onto your hat's folks, you are in for the ride of your life.

Last Saturday we loaded up the crew and headed to Beaufort for a family reunion. I had my van packed to the ceiling with my scrapbook stuff (can we say Beverly Hillbillies?) so Haley and I were the only two riding in the van. David got the boys and the dog, which made for a very interesting trip. Before we were even out of the neighborhood the second time (that's a whole other story) he had to pull over the car and get the dog's attention. Seems Sullivan had quite the attitude and tried to be the boss of David so he had pull over and set the dog straight. I was behind them the whole time and I could see the boys beating each other over the head with their pillows. And Harrison slapping Holden with his blanket. I hate that I missed that (NOT). So anyway, the other part to that story is that we got 20 minutes away from the house and I realized I had forgotten my medication so we had to turn around and hightail it back which added on another hour to our already long journey (oops).

So 5 hours later after we left home, we arrived at the reunion safe and sound although slightly weary from driving in the pouring rain for almost the entire time. Miracle upon miracles it was not raining at my parent's river house where the reunion was being held. It had stopped raining about 10 miles before we arrived and seemed to have passed, at least momentarily. But just as the food was about to be served, the rain finally came and the entire group of about 50 crammed into two small spaces that seemed much smaller when we were all in there. But no one seemed to care as the food was first and foremost on everyone's minds. Well, my dad must have prayed extra hard because not only did the rain pass over us quickly, it remained dry for the rest of the day. Everyone had fun swimming and going to the sandbar.

We stayed at the river the whole weekend. On Sunday, the kids were swimming and the dog wanted to get in with them. So, David started throwing the ball and the dog jumped into the river (after being shoved off a dozen times), swam out and got the ball and swam back to David who then pulled him up on the dock. He did this for a solid hour. Later that afternoon, David realized he had lost his wedding band (for the third time). He walked around and looked but couldn't find it and figured he must have lost it when he was pulling Sullivan out of the water. That afternoon as we were heading out to the sandbar, my dad just happened to look down and there sitting on the dock float was David's wedding band. It had fallen between two boards in just the right place. After a lot of manipulating, my dad was able to get the ring out with a spoon and spatula. Again, my dad must have been doing some praying.

The kids did some kneeboarding. Haley had learned how last year, but this was Holden's first time and he did so good. I am a land lover so I stayed in the boat but that allowed me to take some good pictures. Harrison is still to small to kneeboard so he tried his own version with dad running dad and pulling him along on the raft. Sullivan even had fun chasing the ball and the birds.

On Monday, David and I headed to Charleston, leaving the kids with my parent's. We closed on our new home that morning. I stayed in Charleston until Thursday morning doing some painting and cleaning, while David headed back Monday afternoon to earn the bucks to pay for the two houses. Anyone want to buy a house? I have a spare

Thursday evening I worked at the Creating Keepsakes scrapbook convention in downtown Charlotte. By the time I got home, I was wiped out from my hectic week. Friday morning I got up early and headed back to the convention for a full day of classes and shopping. Tiring work, I know, but someone has to do it. And then again on Saturday morning, I headed back downtown for another full day of classes. Only this time I didn't do much shopping as I had blown my entire budget the first day. At the convention I took 8 classes and made three altered books (a family book in a box, a Girlfriends book and a Disney book), an altered tag album, an accordion mini album, a two page layout for boys, a canvas magnet, two altered notebooks and an altered rolodex. I will be putting those pictures in my photo album (hopefully tomorrow but you know how that goes).

Today, David and I spent the entire day preparing for the packer's to come tomorrow morning. They are suppose to pack our entire house in one day. I will have to see that to believe it. On Tuesday the mover's will come to load our stuff onto their moving van. I have already loaded my car with the remaining scrapbook supplies (and you thought I was kidding about taking it with me).

So that was my week. And this week will probably prove to be even more hectic. I will however be glad when it's all said and done. The kids are anxious to get to their new house and get settled in before school starts. And I am anxious to get my scrapbook stuff unpacked so I can get back to creating.


Sandy said...

Well Becky I hope for your sake that this is your last move for a really really long time :) I hate those long distance moves and I must say that you are taking it like a trooper. I am so glad that you are taking your scrapbook supplies with you in your vehicle! Those movers sometimes like to lose things. Let us know when you get there and that you are safe! Love ya and ya'll be very careful :)

Grandpa said...

Re: Friday, Aug 24,2007
Odds are just another way of attributing things to a mystical force which operates in the universe and is an explanation for the unusual, perhaps unexplainable by the normal logic we regularly use. Some call it fate/coincidence. I however have come to believe that the Force is a loving God who wants to either draw us(His Creation) into a relationship with Him or increase the faith of those who have a relationship with Him but don't always believe how much He truly loves us and wants to give to us the joy of experiencing One who can and does care about all of our lives,the little things as well as the big events of our daily existence.