Monday, August 20, 2007

It has taken me much longer than I anticipated to get back to my blogging. Mind you that I haven't been hanging out on the beach, sunning and enjoying the lull of the ocean. I have been slaving away, moving mountains (of boxes that is), unpacking, and organizing and reorganizing.

I had a car load of stuff to unpack when I got here. It is amazing how much stuff you can fit in a minivan when all the seats are folded down. I think I could have fit a few more things but the tires might have blown. It was a hot one when I drove down. I had the camera between the seats and when the car thermometer hit 111 degrees I had to take a picture. Of course it might not have been the best idea since I was driving 75 MPH down he interstate at the time (but we'll not share that with the kids).

We all slept on air mattresses our first night in the new house. That was as close to camping out as I would like to get. Every time David turned over on the mattress, I flew up into the air and bounced down. The dog thought he should be close to us so he slept with his head propped on the mattress. When David turned over in the middle of the night, Sullivan gave him big doggie kisses on his face. The kids kept losing their covers and every time they turned over the air mattress squeaked and either woke them or me up. So needless to say when 6:30 am rolled around I was so not wanting to get up. But we were all excited that our furniture would soon be there.

It was a good day for the movers to unload because we had a rain shower early that morning and it cooled things off a bit. With the exception of fighting off the flys and mosquito's there wasn't much else that could have been done to make for a more pleasant moving in day.

It has taken me an entire week to get the majority of the boxes unpacked. The packers did an excellent job but at least 200 tress must have died in order for us to move. We unwrapped and unwrapped stuff until we had over HUGE garbage bags full of packing paper. They did such a good job that they even packed the styrofoam cup from Chick-fil-a that David had been drinking out of the day they came to pack us.

I still have a few odd boxes here and there whose contents need to find a home but for the most part I am done. I have a bit of organizing still to do. It's hard to move from house to house because things never fit the same way. Plus we went down in size so I feel like I am trying to cram a size 12 foot in a size 10 shoe. Hopefully the third floor addition that we are planning will alleviate some of the space issue.

The kids are settling in here and have already met some of the neighbors. We have several little 5 year old girls for Harrison to play with (until he goes through the girl hating stage). There is a little boy Holden's age next door. So far Haley hasn't met anyone her age but I am sure that will change once school starts.

Thursday we celebrated Harrison's 5th birthday by eating at his favorite restaurant, Moe's. His Aunt Debbi joined us for dinner. It was a sad day for me because my little boy can no longer be considered a toddler. Even though he outgrew that baby look long ago, I was still holding onto the baby in him. Seems that once they turn 5, they grow up so much.
We visited both Haley and Holden's school last week. Holden met his teacher and got to look at his new class. Haley attended a "boot camp" for rising 6th graders at her new school. Yikes! I don't feel old enough to have a middle schooler. School starts tomorrow for them and they are anxious about making new friends, but excited to have something to do other than unpack.

Harrison will be starting school after Labor Day. He is enrolled in a half day private kindergarten. I was hesitant to send him on to public school this year because of his young age. We'll see how he fairs this year and then decide whether to have him go to full day kindergarten next year or on to first grade. Anyhow, having him home with me half the day is better than sending him full day. That means I get my baby for one more year. Even if he is 5 and thinks he is grown up.

So that about wraps up my week away. I have lots of good stories to share about our week but I think I will save them for another day.


spencer said...

whats your new add?

Sandy said...

If you think that going into 6th grade is bad, just think about 10th.....

I am so glad that you are settled in. We miss you so much on the group!