Monday, August 6, 2007

Airing dirty laundry

Today was packing day here at the Wood's house. A crew was suppose to show up between 8 and 10 this morning. At 8:30 one man showed up to pack us. I was hoping that he had some kind of help because he was about 60 years old and walked with a limp and could barely make it up the stairs. He said that he would get some help around 11 but they didn't show up until well after 3.

It's a good thing that I am not the sit around and watch you work kind of gal. I decided to help this poor guy out by pulling all the stuff out of the bathroom cabinets. So I started with Haley's bathroom. I think we all have one child that makes our blood pressure rise. My child would be Haley. While she is the sweetest, most polite and caring child, she has a BIG streak of lazy. She and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum here. While I find it difficult to live with a mess, she could care less. So when I opened her bathroom drawers and saw what a mess they were, my blood pressure rose slightly. Now I don't know why I should have been surprised. But honestly it has been less than a month since we last went through the bathroom and cleaned out. There were hairbows in the basket with her toothpaste and flossers mixed in with the Q-tips and hair bands thrown every which way. Poor guy would have had heart failure if he had opened that drawer and seen all that mess. He had already made mention of all the stuff Haley had in her closet (he should have seen it before we packed some up).

So after I reorganized everything, I headed to the boy's bathroom. Things were going well until I got down to the first cabinet. When I opened it, what should be staring me in the face but a pair of dirty underwear which had apparently been thrown in the cabinet in hopes of hiding the evidence. So I pulled those out, tossed them in the trash bag and moved on. I pulled the stuff out of the second cabinet and lo and behold there hidden among the CLEAN towels was another pair of underwear (from the same child). Now I don't consider myself a tyrannical mom. I mean on occasion I have been known to lose my cool but for the most part, I think I am pretty nice. So why the child (whose name shall remain anonymous) felt that he had to hide dirty underwear is beyond me.

Now this isn't the first time. Not long ago, I was downstairs in the half bath and I noticed nasty smudges (I know, eww uck) on the cabinet. I got to looking closer and found a pair of dirty underwear stashed behind the cabinet. I pulled them out and went to the boys and asked (knowing the answer) which one of them had done it. The culprit confessed while the other child smirked. So I returned to the bathroom to clean and guess what? I found another pair of underwear behind the cabinet. And this pair came from the other child. Now both were equally guilty only one had confessed while the other had remained silent. Boys, you gotta love them.

So the packers worked until 7:30 tonight and called it a day. The movers are coming in the morning and the packers will return to finish up. The end is almost near for us at our home in Charlotte. It makes me sad but just the same, I am ready to get settled in our new place. Maybe in our next house, Haley will be a little less messy and the boys will put their dirty underwear in the hamper where it belongs. Well, probably not but I can always hope that a fresh start in our new home will bring about exciting changes.


Sandy said...

Oh yes we can always hope for exciting changes in our children, can't we? lol

Donna said...

more memories brought to the surface but i'm not sharing this time.... lol... i'm thinking that in some way you are reliving my life... lol wanna know what happens next? lol