Wednesday, August 8, 2007

On the road again........

I am sitting here in my old house that is just about empty. If you talk loud enough, you can hear an echo. So if I get bored after awhile and need to hear a voice, I'll just talk loud and I'll be able to hear myself.

The most important things were left behind:
1) a sleeper sofa that will be hubby's bed until he finishes work here at the end of August
2) a television and DVD player so that he doesn't have to stare at the bare walls
3) a refrigerator which doesn't have much in it other than drinks and condiments.
4) And of course my computer and computer table. It was much too important for the mover's to take (plus I would have been lost without it).

The mover's got here a little after 9 yesterday and had everything loaded before 5. Those guys earn their money that's for sure. No way could I ever work in that heat (well and the fact that I couldn't lift anything heavy might not work either). When they were moving we found all kind of funny things behind and underneath the furniture. We found two wads of gum stuck behind the entertainment center, an empty Gogurt tube behind the VCR in the entertainment center, another pair of dirty underwear stuffed behind some shelves (again), and lots of toys and pens and balls.

After the mover's were gone, the hubby and I headed to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. The food there is okay but the cheesecake is to die for. After dinner, the waitress came to take our dessert order and my hubby, Mr. Never Try New Things When It Comes to Food, ordered Strawberry Cheesecake. His reasoning is that if it isn't broke don't fix it. I on the other hand am always willing to try new foods (which may explain the extra pounds around the middle). After changing my mind a million times, I settled for the turtle cheesecake. And I was not disappointed. Of course, I couldn't finish it so I had to bring it home. Since I am leaving in a few hours, I just decided to go ahead and finish it off for breakfast. I figured I could do that since the kids weren't around to remind me that I never let them eat ice cream for breakfast.

So, now I have to do a little cleaning, unhook the computer, load my suitcases into the car and head to pick up my children. They have been at my parent's house since a week ago Saturday. That's a long time to be away from them and I miss them lots. And I am sure my mom and dad are about ready for a rest.

The furniture won't be arriving until Friday at the earliest but we won't find out a definite delivery date until late today or tomorrow. The kids are anxious to get to our new home so if I can't convince them to stay a few more nights at the grandparent's house, I guess we will be sleeping on air mattresses on the floor. They'll think it's fun (at least for a few nights), kind of like camping out.

I won't have internet access again for at least a week until they come out to hook it up. That is going to be shear torture. But, I imagine I will have a lot to do otherwise. So while I am gone, I'll be gathering some good stuff to share when I return.


Sandy said...

Well I am getting caught up now, I hope that you are getting settled and have your things and are enjoying your new home :) I can't wait for an update!