Friday, January 8, 2010

No snow

What would make two young boys tune out the world and stare at the news as if it was the best show they have ever seen? The chance that they might actually miss school because of snow. Yep, for 30 minutes yesterday my two boys stared at the news hoping and hoping that the weather forecast would call for some snow or at least enough ice to delay schools. Sadly, that was not in the forecast and they had to go to school on time today.

I know not to get my hopes up so when they call for snow or ice I just go about my business as if it won't happen. That isn't the case for two young boys with visions of sleeping in, snowball fights and sledding. The slightest mention of snow sends them into a frenzy.

Today, instead of snow we got a light rain and a cold, cloudy morning. We'll have to wait a little longer for the next winter storm to head out way. For now, the boys will put their news watching on the back burner until they hear mention of snow again and then you will find them glued to the screen in hopes of hearing those two words - school's cancelled.