Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't Axe me.....

Sometime in the last ten years, most likely coinciding with the arrival of children and the tightening of the finances, I started not caring what brand of deoderant I used. Mostly, I buy what's on sale or what I have a coupon for without regard to the brand. The things I want in a deoderant are simple 1) it has to be a solid (I hate the sticky roll-on stuff) 2) it has to smell nice (or at least I have to imagine it smells nice since I can no longer smell) and 3) it has to work. I don't care if it's Secret or Degree just as long as I'm not smelling bad.

Sometime in the past month an odd thing has happened at my house. Holden has started taking interest in personal hygiene. Most specifically the way he smells. Now up until this point, Holden has been a child who had to be reminded to brush his teeth, put on clean underwear and wear deoderant.

Two weeks ago Holden came to me asking for some new deoderant. I offered him several choices from my stash of deoderant but none of them suited. Apparently I am out of the loop when it comes to deoderant choices for boys because no longer will Degree or Dry Idea suffice. It has to be something that smells good. Something that is cool to wear. It has to be Axe.

I am all for good personal hygiene and so I reasoned that if it's Axe that makes him want to wear deoderant than I will buy him some. So on a trip to Walmart, we went to the deoderant aisle to purchase some Axe. I didn't realize the stuff came in so many different scents including a special limited edition. It took him quite sometime to decide on one. He then carried the deoderant around the store with him as if it were his most prized possession.  I can remember when he use to do the same thing with Legos or a Matchbox car.

A few days ago, Target had an ad for Axe value packs. If you purchased two value packs of Axe for $5 each, you got a $5 Target gift card back. Well, since I had a coupon for $1 off  and I can't pass up a bargain, I figured I would make Holden happy again and buy him so more Axe. So we headed over to Target where Holden proceeded to pick out the Dark Temptation body wash value pack and the Dark Temptation deoderant and body spray value pack.

I didn't realize what a bad, bad mistake I had made until we got home. Holden hurried upstairs with his new purchases. Shortly after a hazy cloud of vapors appeared to fill the house and followed by Holden. Can I just say that even though it was 45 degrees outside, we had to open the sliding glass door to air out the downstairs so that we could all breathe.

So I suppose I could be upset that Holden is showing a bit too much interest in smelling good these days but I'm not sure what's worse that or stinky underarms.


nancy and eric schwartz said...

LOL! that is funny!