Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day
I hope that everyone is having a safe and fun holiday. We went to the beach this morning but had to leave after a few hours because Harrison had an earache. Earlier in the week he had a fever and runny nose, then he developed a cough. We got home, I gave him a little Tylenol and after an hour of resting he felt much better. We are still contemplating heading over to the beach for the fireworks show. We are however under a severe thunderstorm warning so we might wait a little bit before deciding. I would hate to get caught in a storm.

On a funny (or not so funny) note, Haley asked us today if we though Hungary (as in the country) celebrated 4th of July. Her friend Kasey is there on a mission trip so I guess she was thinking that Kasey was missing all the fun here and wasn't thinking about why we (meaning Americans) celebrate Independence Day. I hope that I can mark that down as another duh huh moment for the child rather than the failure of our educational system.

4th Of July countdown banner