Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Friends of yours?

Sometimes things happen to us that aren't all that particularly funny but they happen at just the right moment and they make you laugh out loud. Sometimes so hard, that you cry.

Well, the other day I got some pictures back from an online developer that I use. I swear by this developer. They have the best quality prints, the quickest service and they are very inexpensive. Since I found them, I do not use anyone else to develop my prints. They offer special promotions that are out of this world, and you can earn prints by referring friends (so be sure to use my name if you sign up).

Anyhow the other day I got some prints back and was flipping through them. I wait and print my pictures out when I am ready to scrapbook them so these were all from 2006 (yes, i know that's pitiful). They were of the normal stuff like:

Holden blowing out the candles on his cake

Harrison and me picking apples

The kids with Woody at Disney

Holden and Harrison at Thanksgiving

An Indian man and woman with their child.
Huh? Do I know these people?

So mixed in with my photos was this photo of an unknown family. Coming across this unexpectedly was slightly funny. But then, Holden asked me what I was giggling about and I showed him the picture and asked were these friends of his and he fell over laughing. Which made it even funnier. So then he ran and asked Haley if these were friends of hers and he thought that was even funnier so he started laughing harder. And by the time we finished laughing, I had tears running down my cheeks.

So little does this family know that their nice picture, which never made it to their home, brought lots of enjoyment to my home.

But I am still wondering, are these friends of yours?