Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Schools out for the summer......

Today was Holden's end of the year party and the cupcakes were a hit. I don't know if the kids were trying not to hurt my feelings but they all said the cupcakes most certainly looked like monkey's. Of course it could also be that Holden told the entire class that I was upset because his father said my cupcakes looked like martians. We'll never know.

Good thing the teacher was sending the kids home to their parents because after fruit punch, cupcakes, and chocolate chip cookies, they were all good and sugared up.

Although school isn't officially over until Thursday, it pretty much was the last day. The kids have to go on Wednesday and Thursday for 3 hours each day to fulfill the mandatory number of school days children must attend. Wonder if the genius who came up with these half days thought about the cost of all the gas it takes the buses to transport the students to and from school or the power bill it takes to run the schools for these kids to attend a measly 3 hours. On top of that, do you know what they do during those 3 hours? Watch movies. Good use of our taxpayer dollars don't you think?

So that's my take on the whole situation which is why I am not requiring Haley to go back at all and Holden will go tomorrow to pick up his stuff and then he's done.

On that note, I'll sign off with a few cute pictures from the party. I'd say the kids had a good time.

Holden enjoying his plate full of sugar

Holden and Miss Trucksis (the World's Best 2nd Grade Teacher Ever!)

Holden and his classmates, Kelly Grace and Mason

Holden playing "Pin the Monkey on the tree"