Monday, June 2, 2008

Monkey or martian?

Tomorrow is Holden's end of year school party and I volunteered to make cupcakes. That was before I made four trips to the store last week for the one cake. Proudly, I got everything I needed in one trip this time.

As I was flipping through the Cupcake Doctor cookbook looking for cupcake ideas, I came across the cutest idea for monkey cupcakes. All of the second grade classrooms have the jungle theme and Holden's teacher chose the monkey as her room mascot. So I thought that monkey cupcakes would be so cute!

I baked chocolate cupcakes this afternoon and decorated them tonight. They are frosted with white frosting and then the outer edge is rolled in chocolate sprinkles (to look like fur). M&M's make the nose, eyes and cheeks. And chocolate frosting is piped on to make the mouth.

I asked my husband what he thought about the cupcakes when they were done and he said they looked like martians. Holden agreed that they didn't look like monkey's until I threatened to eat them all myself.

So what do you think, monkey or martian?


Kim Eckhardt said...

Becky, I think that your cupcakes are just the most adorable cupcakes I've ever seen. I appreciate them. I vote that they look yummy (and like a monkey). :)

Donna said...

Monkey for sure Becky... I think they look great too...

Karen said...

Those cupcakes TOTALLY are monkeys. I think David IS a martian if he thinks these are anything but monkeys.

Becky, it's SO 'you' to do something like this and have it turn out so well. You're my hero!