Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'll have a side of monsterella sticks with that

Yesterday, I surprised Holden by picking him up from school. He usually rides the bus but Harrison and I had to run to the grocery store and since we were in the area, I decided to pick him up. There is a Sonic right by the school and since drinks are half price from 2-4, we stopped by to get the boys a slush (and if I am honest, me a sweet tea). As we pulled into the parking lot, Harrison asked if he could have an order of "monsterella" sticks. I corrected him and said they were "mozzarella" sticks to which he replied "Yeah, that's what I said monsterella sticks".

Fast forward to dinnertime. Harrison has a really bad habit of going in the refrigerator in our garage and getting a drink, taking one sip and leaving the rest in the garage or outdoors somewhere. He has been told if he gets anymore drinks out of the outside fridge without permission, he will be punished. When I went in the garage right before dinner, I found an open can of Sprite with one sip gone. Harrison admitted that he had opened it so as punishment, I told him he could not play the Wii after dinner. He immediately started his pleading asking "please, please, please can I have another chance". Holden looked over at me and batted his eyelashes and mockingly said "Please with a side of monsterella sticks".


Kim Eckhardt said...

Take out "Holden" and "Harrison" and insert "Shane" and "Owen" and it's like you're living my life. Even down to the plea for clemenacy to play the wii after it being taken away as punishment. ;)