Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Monday

Haley and I are busy getting ready for our trip to NY. We fly out Wednesday morning and return late Saturday night. My parents were gracious enough to keep the boys this week. They'll probably feel like shipping them back by Wednesday though.

Holden was excited to go for the visit because he and Grandpa were going to finish the fort they started building last Fall. He had packed up his tool belt before he even thought about the necessities like a toothbrush and underwear. Harrison was excited to go because he loves his Grandma and Papa but also probably because at Grandma's he gets lots of treats.

Early this afternoon, Holden called to tell me they had already worked on the fort. Not surprising since once Holden gets something on his mind, he'll bug you to death until you do it. He told me about what they did and when we were finished our conversation I asked if Harrison wanted to talk to me. Holden asked Harrison and I heard him say "No thank you". Guess I haven't been away long enough.

I am sure they are having loads of fun. Here are some pictures that my parents sent me today of the "fort project".

The boys getting ready for some hard work.
Sullivan thinks he's going to help.

The boys supervising Grandpa (in the blue cap)

Being cute (Notice little devil Harrison)

Hot chocolate after a hard days work