Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Friday I sent Holden off to school even though he complained of his ear hurting. I would have let him stay at home but he was adamant that he wanted to go. He had gotten all dressed up as a lawyer for career day at school. And he did look cute with his blazer, tie and briefcase. So I gave him some Tylenol and sent him on his way.

I went out to breakfast with the hubby and looked forward to an entire day of doing nothing. Just me and no schedule. Funny how quickly plans change. I was pulling into Target around 9:00 and my cell phone rang. The school nurse was calling to tell me Holden was in the office with a fever and complaining of feeling bad. She wanted to know if I wanted him to tough it out or if I wanted to come and pick him up. Being the outstanding mother that I am, I elected to pick my child up and forfeited my one day of leisure.

Saturday wasn't much better for Holden and by Sunday the only thing that got him off the couch was a bathroom break or a trip upstairs to lay in his bed. I figured he would be better by Monday, but the cough was much worse and he complained of feeling achy. I was anxious that he might have the flu but a trip to the doctor on Monday ruled that out. Instead, he has bronchitis and some kind of weird viral infection that mimics the flu. He was released to go back to school today but he was in no shape to go. He was up half the night coughing and this morning he still had huge bags under his eyes. Early this afternoon he had a brief period where I thought he might actually be on the upswing but he wouldn't eat dinner and has been laying on the couch most of the afternoon.

Oddly enough Harrison is jealous that Holden is able to stay at home from school. Sunday night he started "prepping" us for what was to come on Monday. He complained of a headache and a stomachache. Monday morning, Harrison tried refusing to go to school and when he realized that wasn't working, he started complaining of a stomachache. I have fallen for that line before so I sent him off to school. He made it all day and came home feeling fine. Last night when we were talking about keeping Holden home another day, Harrison started trying again to get us to let him stay at home from school. He told David he had diarrhea three times yesterday and he felt sick. Then he told me that he had a small cough and he thought he might be getting Holden's cold. I gave him some juice and sent him to bed telling him he would be fine in the morning. This morning he was slow to go but I managed to get him up and to school without a huge hassle. Late this afternoon, I got a call from the school nurse telling me that Harrison was in her office and he had thrown up in the classroom. I felt so bad because I thought that perhaps I had neglected to take his "illness" seriously. David went and picked him up and noticed that once Harrison was in the car, he perked up. When he got home, it wasn't 30 minutes before he asked for 1) something to eat and 2) if he could go ride his bike. Those were enough to convince me that what Harrison suffered was sympathy sickness. Upon further questioning, he didn't really throw up but rather had "a little spit up in his mouth" and it wasn't in the classroom as we had been told but in the bathroom (where a teacher would not be able to see).

So who knows what tomorrow will bring. I am not sure Holden will be any better so he will likely have to stay home another day. Harrison, I am sure, will also try to concoct some other illness to try and get out of school. After these past 5 days, I have decided I am ready for winter and all the colds that seems to come with it to end. Having sick kids is no fun.


Kim Eckhardt said...

I call it "flip it back and reverse it" because every time I get a sudden change in plans, I have to flip everything and reverse all my plans. I suppose it's the way it goes. Hope your house escapes more sickness and "sickness." ;)