Monday, March 9, 2009

A birthday to remember

I am still standing after a weekend long birthday celebration starting with five 13 year old girls spending the night and ending with a birthday dinner with grandparents on Sunday. To top all that off, I came down with a really bad cold. Seems like once the kids bring it home, I am destined to catch it. I love them and all but wish they'd keep their germs to themselves.

Friday night we took Haley and her friends to Yamato's Japanese Steakhouse for dinner. The dinner was good and Haley got to ring the gong and the entire room sang her "Happy Birthday". The ride home was rather eventful with David getting pulled over by the cops. The girls were saying how cold it was so David rolled the windows down to make them even colder. It kind of backfired because they decided it would be fun to yell out the windows at the cars we were passing. They yelled at a police car as we drove by and he whipped in behind us and followed us for a bit before pulling us over. Talk about hearing a pin drop. The girls all got really quiet.The police officer thought it was a group of teenagers and wanted to investigate further. While he had us stopped he gave David a warning ticket for his tag light not working. I have kept the ticket to put in Haley's scrapbook so she can remember the time she got her dad pulled over.

When we got home, the girls went to their own "private theater". David had spent the better part of Friday setting up the garage with a movie projector, large screen and some seating. We put out a table of theater snacks (candy, chips, and drinks). The girls started out watching a scary movie and you could hear them scream every few minutes. I know the neighbors were wondering what was going on. David couldn't resist scaring them so he snuck out back and pushed a broom through the doggy door and knocked over the recycle bins. The girls all came running in the house screaming, thinking something was trying to get in. I think they finally went to bed sometime around 2 a.m.

On Sunday Haley's grandparents and great grandmother came for lunch. Since Haley is our swimmer, her grandma made a cake that looked like a swimming pool with swimmers in the lanes. She also got some cute shirts and a sweatshirt that said Got Chlorine? on them. It was such a beautiful afternoon, we went outside on the screened porch after lunch.

Now, the birthday celebration is finally over and I am trying to recuperate. Thank goodness birthdays only come once a year.