Thursday, April 8, 2010

Square Dance

Holden has been studying pioneer times at school. The class read one of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books which just happened to be my favorite book series when I was growing up. I tried to get Haley to read the books when she was younger but she just never showed much interest in them. So I was thrilled that at least one of my children had read one of the books that I loved so dearly as a child even if it was a class assignment.

As the finale to the unit, the entire 4th grade participated in Prairie Day. The kids dressed in their interpretation of prairie clothing. They had a lot of fun activities such as making butter. For lunch, the entire fourth grade had a huge picnic and then each class did a little bit of square dancing.

Holden's class was short on girls so he ended up being partner's with his friend Cody. The kids all seemed a bit nervous until the music started and they started dancing and having a lot of fun.

 Waiting to square dance

Swing Your Partner

The Cutest Pioneer

Holden and his buddy Zion