Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter pictures

Easter Day was beautiful this year despite the thick layer of pollen that coated every possible outdoor surface. The kids woke up to find that their baskets had been filled with sweets.

Haley and her loot. She is always the child who takes her time looking through the basket and enjoying all of the things that she has gotten.

Harrison and his loot. He is the child who loves sweets, can't you tell? I asked him what was his favorite and he grabbed everything he could hold in his arms.

Holden and his loot. He is the child who counts his things (I think so he'll know if someone takes it) and organizes them into piles and then decides which item will be eaten first. 

Here are the kids dressed in their Easter outfits after church.

After lunch at the river with our family, the kids had their traditional egg hunt. The person who found the silver egg got the prize so that's the one all the kids looked for. This year we let each of them have a chance to win. Here is Harrison searching for the silver egg. The cousins take a break from the egg hunt to have their picture taken.


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