Saturday, February 20, 2010

That's my story....

It's almost never a good thing when you get a call from a teacher. The call I got this week was no exception. This time though it wasn't the usual suspect that was acting up in class.

I received a call from Holden's teacher letting me know he had a bad day. According to her, he was cutting up in small group and then again in the class. Of course Holden says it wasn't his fault. Is it ever?

Harrison overheard the conversation I was having with Holden about the incident. Obviously he was relishing in the fact that he wasn't the one getting in trouble so he rushed off to tell his friends that Holden got in trouble at school. Only here is Harrison's version of the story as retold by our neighbor:

Holden was talking and misbehaving in class and his teacher sent him to the principal. Because Holden was afraid of going to the principal, he took off and hid in the school bathroom. When they realized he was missing, half of the teachers had to go out and search for him.  Once they found him, he was taken to the principal where he got in a whole lot of trouble. And they had to call me to let me know what had happened.

I guess I should be thankful because based on Harrison's tale, it could have been much worse.


Kim Eckhardt said...

Wow. That kid sure can make up some stories, can't he?! I fear for the teenage years for you!