Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Goodies

Happy Valentines Day!

Here in the Woods household, the week before Valentine's is always kind of crazy for me. I like to make gifts for the kids to give to their teachers. And I also make the kids valentines for their classmates. This year I had extra gifts to make for my preschool class.

Every year I tell myself that I need to start two weeks before Valentine's Day and each year, I find myself working frantically to finish the day before they are to be given. I do think that the teacher's really appreciate all the effort. I am not so sure about the kids. I think they just go straight for the candy and don't give a second thought to the package that it comes in.
Here are the Valentine's lollipop holders I made for the boys classmates. I had to make a total of 45. These should have gone really quick but I had a couple of problems - 1) my long reach hole punch broke and 2) the slot punch I thought I had was no where to be found. In the end it all worked out and I think they turned out rather cute (although my slot punch is still no where to be found, imagine that).

I made the boxes for my preschool class and filled them with some candy kisses, hearts, stickers and a lollipop. It took me quite awhile to cut out each box (14 in all) but once that was done, they were easy to put together. The stamp set that I used for both the lollipop holders and the boxes was Happy Heart Day by Stampin' Up.

These bags were my favorites this Valentine's Day and they were so easy to make (here are the directions). These were for the teacher gifts and inside each is a bag of homemade chocolate almond truffles (see below).

Chocolate Almond Truffles (click here for the recipe).


Heather Leigh said...

wow! so crafty! they're adorable.

Susan Aka " Queen Sweet Flower" said...

Very Pretty!!

Kim Eckhardt said...

Very cute and I see that you've learned your aperature setting on the camera. :)