Thursday, February 12, 2009

The things kids say..........

I took Harrison and Holden to the barber shop today to get their hair cut. It's the same barbershop that their dad use to go to when he was a little boy. The kids love to go because they can watch television while they are getting their hair cut and as an added bonus, they get an ice cream after they are done.

Today Harrison was sitting up in the barber chair, mesmerized by the television. For some odd reason it was on the Weather Channel and they were showing Storm Stories. A Nutrisystem commercial came on and Harrison says loudly (because I was sitting on the other side of the room) "Hey mom, that's what you need." I seriously thought the Barber was going to fall over laughing. Yep, leave it to my child to humilate me in front of a barbershop full of people.


Heather Leigh said...

oh, honey, how red did your cheeks turn?!? oh, the innocence of children. i'm sure he just thought he was being helpful.