Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our future storyteller

Harrison is the best storyteller. It never ceases to amaze me the things he thinks up. It's actually almost scary that he can rattle off this stuff so smoothly as if he's given thought to it for hours. His stories usually start off as believable but quickly progress to a full blown tale straight from his imagination.

In the car yesterday he announced that a little boy in his class had run into a pole during recess. I asked if the little boy was okay and Harrison said that no, in fact he had to go to the nurse because his mouth was busted open inside and it was bleeding (so far kind of believable right?).

According to Harrison it was so bad, they had to call the boy's mother. She came to school and stayed with him for the rest of the afternoon. Turns out that the little boy was hurt so badly that he won't be able to speak for a few weeks. The solution was to get this Spanish lady (who ironically, according to Harrison, teaches Spanish) to teach the little boy sign language. Wondering aloud, I ask how she knew sign language if she taught Spanish, to which Harrison promptly replied "She learned it in case someone got hurt and couldn't talk." What an imagination.


Kristie said...

LOL! What a story, cute kid you have there :)