Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grim Reaper

This afternoon was pumpkin carving time here. David cut the top off of the pumpkin and the boys started scooping out the insides. I looked away for a few seconds and then caught Harrison stabbing the pumpkin with his little carving knife. I can't take my eyes off of that child for one second. He lost interest in scooping the guts and went back to watching television. Haley made a small effort to act interested in the cleaning part but her heart wasn't in it so Holden and David finished cleaning out the icky insides.

The kids settled on carving the grim reaper on the front and the scythe he carries on the back. Pumpkin carving has gotten much more intricate since I was a kid. Now they have all these new fangled carving knives and etching tools to make the job easier. We have several of these so that everyone has their own.

This is the first year that we have let Holden actually carve on his own for fear of him sawing off his finger. I must say he did a fine job for his first time. No miscuts and no blood. That's what I term a success.

Here are a few shots of our fun afternoon:

And the final product.........