Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time warped

It's funny how a child's sense of time is so different from reality. Monday night we were waiting for David to get home so we could go run an errand. Holden said he needed to run down the street for 2 minutes and he would be right back. I told him to hurry because his dad was turning into the neighborhood and as soon as he changed we were leaving.

David got home and changed and still no sign of Holden or Harrison. We waited a few minutes then my patient husband said we needed to ride around the neighborhood to find them. After several trips around the block, we spotted then walking down the street. The first thing we noticed was that Harrison had something on his head and it apparently kept falling over his eyes because he would stop every few feet to push it up. As we got closer, this is what we saw:

We knew they needed to be disciplined but it was hard to have a straight face when we had to look at him. I guess being cute does sometimes pay-off.