Saturday, December 8, 2007

Don't put this on your list of things to buy

I don't know what I was thinking. Obviously I had a temporary lapse in judgement. But really I couldn't help myself. Here's the story.

For Harrison's birthday back in August, the only thing he asked for was Moon Sand. He was so cute repeating the television commercial saying that it would never dry out, it came with it's own carrying case and it was a lot of fun. So of course I had to get him some. Or rather I had my mother give him some.
Here's Harrison playing with his moon sand. He is interested in it long enough to create a huge mess. Oh say, five minutes. Then he loses interest and leaves me to clean up.
Just let me tell you that as much as I hate a playdoh mess, I hate a moon sand mess a million times over. What the commercial fails to tell you is that it will scatter all over your floor and since moon sand sticks to everything including clothing, if I don't catch him, he will walk through the house leaving a trail of sand. I am sure it never dries out because having been scattered everywhere, it is all gone by the time it would have dried out.
Here's what a child looks like when he has been told to clean up moon sand off of the table and chair. See, even he isn't happy about it.
So let this be fair warning to all parents who have this on their to buy lists for their children - DO NOT DO IT! You will regret it. And like me you will look for every excuse possible to avoid pulling it out of the closet. I don't even bother trying to put the excess back in the containers. I just sweep it up and deposit it in the garbage all the while mumbling under my breath "I can't wait until it's gone".
Of course I am sure that as soon as it's gone, there will be some other item that he sees on television and just has to have. Only maybe next time he won't be so cute when he asks and I can say no.